Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Here's a brief Septet I wrote last Spring

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Septet.mp3 (1849 KB)

In the spring quarter at CSULA the composition and orchestration students were very fortunate to have a professional septet come in to read and record our pieces. John Kennedy, the head of CSULA's composition department conducted. I re-orchestrated a section of a string quartet that I'd written and below are the results.

After hearing it for the first time since then, I'm happier with it than I remember. The problems I had with it originally were not with the performance, all of the players had either just been on a soundstage or were going to play with the LA Philharmonic that evening, but with the composition. I felt that it didn't fit well with the first movement (not heard here) and that there were problems with the harmonies. I don't feel this way now and am happy to have something like this well documented.

Special thanks to Steve Wight and the students of his recording course for recording the pieces, and especially Weba Garretson for the extra work that she did getting the audio together. 

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