Friday, October 16, 2009

Indie Music Tech: Open Suggestions for MySpace

Open Suggestions for MySpace

There have been a number of posts recently like this one, suggesting that MySpace is irrelevant. Is it too late for MySpace, or can they reinvent themselves and become relevant again? If the latter, below are some suggestions I've complied from Hypebot. What else would you recommend that they do to improve their service? Please add your comments to this post and I'll email them to Owen Van Natta in about a week:
  • remove all unnecessary clutter like emoticons
  • remove all non-artist related apps and tools
  • significantly reduce the number of ads per page
  • improve customer support/service
  • create limitations and filters on how your friends may contact you
  • pay all artists for plays on MySpace, not just signed artists
  • limit the number of videos a user can have on his/her page
  • limit the image size that can be displayed on a page
  • update the design of the site
  • improve the artist rankings or get rid of them
  • limit the number of comments that can be displayed
  • limit the banner size an artist may have on their page
  • become a site only for bands to connect with other bands

Although, many don't seem to communicate through MySpace anymore, I was thinking today that it still seems to have some value since many artists have made it more like their static web page. I don't use it much any more myself and have little vested interest as to whether or not it continues, but when something that was/is so huge seems to be quickly falling out of favor I become curious as to why and whether it's worth caring about.

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